4-11-12 Meeting Minutes

SPHA General Meeting
April 11, 2012

President’s Report –Aubrey Crowley
}  Becky Dawson from AHEC for Puppet Pals
}  Self Care Presentation for 1 Professional Development hour TOMORROW NIGHT Thursday April 12th 8-9pm in MG 2001
}  TriFAHL—THIS SATURDAY at 8:30am
}  Farewell for Dr. Lantz—Monday April 16th 7-8pm
◦     Reception near HES offices
}  Donate Life Day—Monday April 23rd
◦     Tables on QUAD and SUB 10:30pm-4:00pm
◦     Googledoc sign-up
◦     Information about organ donation
}  Bowen Garden—April 27th…more info to come
◦     building and planting
}  KPS Can Drive next week—April 16th-20th
◦     7:30-8:30am
}  Nametags have been ordered
}  New Business—Bylaws

Vice President’s Report-Chelsea Light
}  Sheet for graduating seniors
}  Senior Send Off April 25th

Treasurer’s Report-McKenzie Tate
}  Dues are now $30 for member and $15 for new members!

Secretary’s Report-Jessica Wentworth
ØWorking on organizing hours
ØIf you have any questions, let me know! J

Service Report-Emma Hosman
}  Relay
}  Other opportunities

Education Report-Rachel Bertels and Jessica Schowengerdt
}  Stress Free Friday
}  Teaching to elementary school students?

Social Report-Ali Kartmann  and Daniel Korenfeld
} Thanks for all of the help with the SPHA dinner! J

Fundraising Report-Natalie Nealon
}  Free T-shirts! J

Professional Development Report- Rachel Chambers
}  Interview
}  Mock Interview Day THIS FRIDAY
◦     Must take your resume to the Career Center by Thursday to register

PR Report-Lane Swan
} You represent SPHA!
} Sex Carnival
◦   April 20th
◦   Work tables—googledoc
} Garden Picket

Webmaster-Andy Hill

Dr. Clark and Dr. Donahue
}  Environmental Buddies
◦     April 23rd
◦     1:45pm until school’s out ~2:30pm