10-17-12 Meeting Minutes

SPHA General Meeting
October 17th, 2012

President’s Report –Aubrey Crowley

  • Reply to the email I sent on Monday with your banner ID # (if necessary)
  • CONGRATS!! AAHE Case Study Team
    • McKenzie Tate Katherine Sattovia, Stephanie Huynh  Alternate:  Emma Hosman
  • (MANDATORY) OCTOBER 24TH–INITIATION with general meeting
  • OCTOBER 31ST–OPEN EXEC at 7:00PM in MG 2001
  • NOVEMBER 7TH–NOMINATIONS with general meeting.
  • (MANDATORY) NOVEMBER 14TH–ELECTIONS with general meeting
  • NOVEMBER 28TH–exec transition
  • DECEMBER 5TH–general meeting


Vice President’s Report-Chelsea Light

  • New Members- INITIATION is on October 24th (next wednesday)
    • Finish your service and education hours
    • Turn in your dues
    • Turn in your 10 active member meets to me!!
  • Active Members- FOOD FOR INITIATION
    • Sophomores- Bring Desserts!
    • Juniors- Chips
    • Senior- Soda/ Juice
    • Exec- Bring utensils/ napkins and cups
    • Everyone please bring your assigned food so it turns out to be a fun party!


Treasurer’s Report-McKenzie Tate

  •  Dues are due next Wednesday!


Secretary’s Report-Jessica Wentworth

  • Hours will be up to date by Sunday.
  • E-mail spha.hes@gmail.com if you have questions or if anything is incorrect.


Service Report-Emma Hosman

  • Gents and Joules- Luna
  • Volunteering at NRMC
    • Sign-up sheet at the front of the room and will send a google doc
    • Must be able to volunteer at least 4 hours a week
    • Food, drink, and a t-shirt provided!
    • Depending on the number of people who sign up, we will train as a group!!
  • Christmas Party
    • Tentative Date: November 29
    • at the BSU
  • Foster Families Resale Store is Closed 

Education Report-Rachel Bertels and Jessica Schowengerdt

  • Faith Lutheran
  • Stress Free Friday
  • Stress Free Week
  • Stress ball making after meeting
  • Ugly Man on Campus

Social Report-Ali Kartmann  and Daniel Korenfeld

  • Social dinner

Fundraising Report-Natalie Nealon

  • T-Shirt Sales and Water Bottles
  • New Stress Free Friday Shirt
  • Oktoberfest went well! 

Professional Development Report- Rachel Chambers

  • CAREER WEEK FALL 2012!!!
    • Resumes
    • Interviews
    • Presentations
    • For a full list of career week events, go to career.truman.edu
  • Professional Development Question Box:
    • graduate schooljobs
    • interviewing
    • resumes
    • ANYTHING relating to your professional career
  • Etiquette dinner—TUESDAY OCT. 23RD 5-7:00PM
    • SPHA will sponsor your attendance so you only have to pay $5
  • PD Committee meeting: finalizing Pattern Night

PR Report-Lane Swan

  • Banner
  • Homecoming Parade
    • Saturday at 8:30AM

Webmaster-Andy Hill

  • Minutes are on the website
  • New pictures are up!

MOPIP Liaison- Adam Manahan

  • No report

Dr. Clark and Dr. Donahue