Minutes from 3/29

President: Abby Meyer

  • We have some guests tonight!
  • Initiates I have your attire, see me after meeting!


Vice President: Ben Peters

    • Make sure you are submitting your hours on the spha.truman.edu website (under Member Resources→ Hours→ Submit Hours)!
    • Don’t forget to pay your dues ($25/semester or $45/year) as well as your professional attire payment ($25/polo and/or $50/cardigan)!
    • If you’re having any issues with initiate requirements, please let me know! You can contact the organization @ spha.hes@gmail.com or my personal email @ bop5286@truman.edu
    • Keep wearing business casual to general body meetings, please! Polos are coming this week at meeting!


Secretary: Bene Clear

  • Remember to submit excuses by noon the day of our meeting to spha.truman.edu (under “attendance”)
  • Keep turning in hours you have completed this week so I can keep the log up to date! (cough cough Ice Cream Social)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


Treasurer: Maha Mohamed

No Report.

Service Chair: Clarice Schmid

  • STREET CLEANING – April 22nd, 1pm
  • Tru Yo after street cleaning
  • Helping with capstone projects that are related to health can be counted as service/education hours!!
  • Hopes Kitchen – 4/15*, 4/22   (* on break)
  • BIG EVENT – April 1st


Education Chair: Annie Fitzgerald

  • NEMO AHEC Ethics Presentation (This will count for education hours!!)
  • Ethics Presentation: Thursday, 3/30 from 5-7 in PB 233
  • Mark your calendars! Stress Free Fridays are back!
  • There we will have a Stress Free Table every Friday



Professional Development Chair: Hannah Denkler & Gillian Mwangi

No Report

Social Chair: Rosie Schott

  • Yoga night- expect an email soon!
  • Don’t forget to submit your social events on the website


Fundraising Chair: Brendan Cronley & Emily Quick

Order an HES baseball tee! Here’s the order form:



MOPIP Liaison: Tori Thompson & Leah Wright

No report


Public Relations: Hyerin Kim and Bhavana Yerragunta

No Report

Webmaster: Jacob James

Working on changing the homepage of the website!


Dr. Wodika:


  • Health Science Alumna, Maggie DeDecker (Spring, 15) will be back at Truman on March 3, 2017.She is currently obtaining her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Creighton University. She will be available to speak with students from 1-2 on Friday, March 3rd about OT-related questions! Please come speak with her to learn more 🙂



Dr. Clark:

  • Keep thinking about how SPHA can raise money for students to attend ASHA in October.
  • If possible, SPHA should have AT LEAST 1 team (if not 2) in the ABC (Anything But Clothes) Fashion Show.  PLEASE volunteer to do this!  You are primarily HES majors and should be having fun and supporting Environmental causes & Sustainability.
  • TALK to Sydney Gosick about it!!

Executive board:
President: Abby Meyer
Vice-President: Ben Peters
Secretary: Bene Clear
Treasurer: Maha Mohamed
Service Chair: Clarice Schmid
Education Chair: Annie Fitzgerald
Professional Development: Gillian Mwangi/Hannah Denkler
Social Chair: Rosie Schott
MO PIP Liaison: Leah Wright/Tori Thompson
Fundraising Chair: Brendan Cronley/Emily Quick
PR: Hyerin Kim
Webmaster: Jacob James