Best buddies came to present about what they do in the Kirksville community

  • Asking for SPHA to help table, donate supplies for their fundraising walk, and/or join the Truman team for the walk.

Capstone funding

  • Mind matters capstone project
    • Want to promote recourses of mental health on campus
      • QPR training
      • Mental health first aid training
      • Promote a speaker on campus and the photo voice project
      • Some other projects around campus
    • Asking for $150
      • Incentives, food, printing
  • Sexual Health Awareness week
    • Planning a condom crawl, flavored condom and lube tasting, and some other
    • Asking for $175
      • Funding for advertising, educational items, and food
  • Truman talks about sex
    • Online social media campaign to talk about sex and being more comfortable with the topic
      • Posting educational podcasts every Wednesday
      • Tabling to get outreach to the Truman campus in person
    • Asking for $100
      • To get incentives and printing educational items for their tabling
  • Photo voice
    • Collected videos from students about their strategies to coping with stress
    • $55
      • Display the photo voices, print the material, and for food
  • All the capstone funding request were funded in full

National public health week

  • 4/2 – 4/8
  • SPHA wants to put on a major event for the week to promote public health around the campus
  • Each committee is to talk about different activity ideas we could put on for the week

Assessment committee

  • Use MACHB data and analyze the results
  • Use the analysis to help improve the campus

Education committee

  • Stress free Friday 2/23
  • Distracted driving presentation on 3/22 at 6 pm in the little theatre
  • Want to do a big event for the final Stress-Free Friday of the semester


  • Final design for the vinyl decal is in the making
  • Working on the design for the Front Pocket T-Shirt


  • PD event 2/22 at 7 pm in MG 1090
    • Jenni Nuhn from the Career Center will be presenting


  • Made social media flyers to hand out at SPHA tables to increase our social media presence around campus


Wellness Zone

  • increase SPHA involvement in the wellness zone
    • partner with service or education committee

Ad Hoc

  • National public health week
    • Work with all the committees to think about different ideas

Dr. Clark

  • Meeting of the minds presentation from SPHA

Dr. Wodika

  • Positive Peers: Mental Wellness Support Group
    • BH 113
    • Monday 5:30 – 7:00
    • Thursday 7:00 – 8:30

WRC and the Student Giving Competition

  • Funded $35 to help them fund one student STI test

Social Opportunities

  • Buddy Pack Fundraising 2/22 Bellacino’s 7-9
  • Hands Only CPR Training 2/25 SUB 12:30-5:30
  • Skin Health Trivia 3/6 SUB Alumni Room at 6pm


  • They are updated and on the google drive folder shared with all members
  • Make sure to submit all hours within 24 hours of completion