Started the meeting with a professional development activity on table etiquette

  • Demonstrated an example of bad table etiquette by using members of the general body to play passing by students
  • Asked general body as to what they did wrong and how they can improve their skills
    • Stand instead of sit
    • Put homework away
    • Be knowledgeable about what you are tabling about
    • Make good eye contact
    • Engage the students walking by
  • Did the skit again and used good table etiquette to show the members how to improve their tabling skills

Bhavana (President)

  • Introduced the new meeting format
  • There will be committee reports instead of exec reports

Leah (Vice President)

  • Had new members stand up and share their name, year, and favorite dessert
  • Initiation for new members will be April 11th

Bansari (Secretary)

  • Used google forms to take attendance

Tori (Treasurer)

  • New budget was presented and can be found in the meeting PowerPoint
    • New rule that unless you are graduating in December, all yearly dues are to be paid every fall semester and only semester dues will be accepted in the spring semester

Beth and Gabrielle

  • Sign-up sheet for wellness pack tabling was stated
  • Asked members to donate cough drops, tissues, and candy for ½ hour of service

Amber (Education)

  • Members were given the chance to stay for 1 hour after regular SPHA meeting to help make valentine’s day cards
  • Sign-ups for STI tabling and Stress Free Friday tabling were posted

Ashton (PD)

  • Career Center info night scheduled for February 22nd 7-8
  • Career week from February 26th – March 2nd
    • More information can be found on career.truman.edu

Laura (Social Chair)

  • Welcomed new members with valentine’s day cards and asked those who she did not find before the meeting to come see her

Allison (Fundraising)

  • Shared finding of her interest survey
    • Short sleeve tee with pocket for HES
    • Decal Sticker for SPHA

Olivia (MOPIP Liaison)

  • Encouraged members to attend Meeting of the Minds conference on April 5th– 7th in KC

Kelly (PR)

  • Told new members about all the social media accounts SPHA has
  • Went over what PR points are, for the new members

Alex and Addison (Webmasters)

  • Still trying to get access to edit the website and get it up to date

Dr. Clark

  • Urged graduating seniors to submit their grant applications for SPHA funding ASAP
  • Possibility of SPHA presenting at Meeting of the Minds about our successful tables like Wellness packs, Stress-Free Fridays, Sexual Health Awareness/STI tables

Dr. Wodika

  • Global Issues Colloquium
    • February 15th in BH 102 at 7 pm
      • Talking about climate change and refugees
    • Upcoming conference opportunities
      • WGS Conference
        • March 2nd– 3rd
      • Mini-Grant Research conference in SHSE
        • VH 1010 on Thursday March 22nd at 3 pm

Conference funding request

  • Exec member tori Thompson is requesting 70 dollars to go to a conference on autism
  • The 70 dollars would cover the cost of registration and tori will be using her own funds to pay for travel, hotel, and food
  • She is pre-ot and one of the speakers there is talking about her work as an OT which is something she would like to do in the future so she can get more information about her future career
  • Members voted to partially fund Tori instead of the full $70
    • Tori was funded $45 with a provision to refund her the $25 left over if there are conference funds left over at the end of the semester

Committee reports (short term goals for the semester)

  • Fundraising
    • Make HES shirts
    • SPHA stickers
    • Evaluation at end of year
  • Service
    • Get more involved with community education center
    • Do more than just tabling
  • Wellness zone
    • Making wellness zone more inviting and get more involved with the wellness zone
      • More signs and get the word out that we have a wellness zone
    • Have SPHA workers every week to get information out there about health and wellness
  • Education
    • Do more than tabling
      • Have a water balloon fight on the quad
    • Community outreach
      • In the school or in the bars
    • Assessment
      • Present at SRC about their analysis on the MOPIP data
      • Create education opportunities to help get the MOPIP data out to the Truman population and help improve the stats
    • PR
      • Create one post per social media account at least once a week
        • Have posts about interesting health facts
      • Make fliers with social media information to get the word out to the rest of the student body
      • Increase followers by 10% on all media accounts
    • PD
      • Bring more guest speakers to Truman to talk about their work in the public health field
      • Professor research night
        • Bring in different professors who do research and have them present their finding
        • Be more aware about what research opportunities are on campus
      • AD HOC
        • Make a list of changes we need to make to the constitution
        • Help plan the big event at the end of the semester