Member of the Month

Current Member of the Month:

Tori Thompson!

Tori is currently the treasurer of SPHA. She is a senior double majoring in Psychology and Health Science. She was nominated as member of the month due to her hard work to make SPHA a success! Thank you Tori for always going above and beyond in whatever you do!


“I believe Tori Thompson would make a good candidate because she has done a lot of work lately organizing documents, dues, etc. for the beginning of the semester. She always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help.”

“I nominate Tori, although she is a senior, she has constantly dedicated everything she has been doing and is not slowing down.”

“Tori Thompson she always goes above and beyond”

“Tori Thompson because she’s super dedicated to SPHA and does so much!”

“Tori Thompson because she is always on top of her treasurer duties and always really nice.”

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