1-18-12 Meeting Minutes

SPHA General Meeting January 18, 2012

President’s Report –Aubrey Crowley
–     Recruitment–January 24th (MG 1096), 25th (MG 2001), & 26th (MG 1000)
–     Activities fair sign up
–     Name tags

Vice President’s Report- Chelsea Light
–     SPHA rush will be Jan 24th- Jan 26th.  Attending the service or a education night will give you one hour for each.
–     Tuesday- Info night- MG 1096 7pm
–     Wednesday-Service Night- Magruder 2001 7pm
–     Thursday-Education Night-MG 1000 7pm
–     Spread sheet passed around to make announcements during your SPHA classes.- This counts for 15 minutes of service hours/ class!

Treasurer’s Report- McKenzie Tate
–   Dues are due at initiation 3/14/2012. ($20 for returning members, $5 new members)

Secretary’s Report- Jessica Wentworth
–     Double checking hour totals and attendance
–     Will e-mail those that did not meet requirements
–     Feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

Service Report- Emma Hosman
–     Relay for Life
–     Polar Bear Plunge- Feb 11th
–     Website somo.org/spha
–     Jan 28th- Foster Family Store 10am-2/5pm
–     Serve.truman.edu

Education Report- Jessica Schowengerdt and Rachel Bertels
–     Puppet Pals
–     Stress Free Friday
–     Health Fair – February 14 from 12-4pm

Social Report- Ali Kartmann and Daniel Korenfeld
–     Sign up sheet for intramurals

Fundraising Report- Natalie Nealon
–     T-shirts color

Professional Development Report- Rachel Chambers
–     Resumania:  January 30th-February 2nd
–      Resumania 11-1 in the following locations
–     o    M:Violette
–     o    T:Magruder
–     o    W:Barnett
–     o    R:McClain
–     Spring 2012 Career Week:  February 6th-9th
–     (Careerbytes: What Recruiters Look For)
–     Etiquette Dinner Interest Sheet : Tuesday Feb. 7th 5-7pm $10
–     SCORE Mock Interviews

PR Report- Lane Swan
–     Follow us on Twitter!
–     The link to the twitter account is twitter.com/SPHA_TSU
–     Join Facebook group

MOPIP Liason- Sara Cassabaum
–     Waiting for MOPIP report
–     Cheer on the basketball teams after meeting

Webmaster-Andy Hill

Advisors-Dr. Clark and Dr. Donahue
–     Environmental Buddies:
–     The dates are 1/23, 2/20, 3/19, and 4/23 from 1:45-2:15 at KPS.  Meet Dr. Clark at the Principal’s office by 1:40.