Why Committees?

  • It will help you network within the organization and around campus
  • It will give you something to add to your résumé
  • It is an opportunity to learn and develop as a professional
  • It will help you discover what you’re interested in within the health community
  • It is in the SPHA constitution

What does the Constitution state?

Section 3. Membership Requirements

  • “… Members must participate in at least 1 committee each semester. Executive officers will develop committees based on the number of projects they will undertake in that semester.  Members will rank their committee choices and will subsequently be assigned to their committee at the beginning of each semester…”

What will I have to do?

  • Meet with committee at least once every two weeks (mainly at general meetings)
  • Send progress updates to the Exec Board
  • Set goals and objectives for your individual committee
  • Give feedback on the overall experience
  • Complete tasks as agreed upon by your committee (ie projects, events, speeches, etc.)


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