2-22-12 Meeting Minutes

SPHA General Meeting
February 22, 2012

President’s Report –Aubrey Crowley
Please email me your banner ID
}  Initiation Email
}  Dental Workshop
}  FREE Professional Development
}  Sign-in sheet
◦     Please write your pattern and banner ID

Vice President’s Report-Chelsea Light
}  New members that haven’t taken the quiz yet need to do so after the meeting.
}  Retreat was awesome! J

Treasurer’s Report-McKenzie Tate
}  Dues are due at initiation. ($20 for returning members, $5 new members)
}  Initiation is March 14th.
◦     next general meeting


Secretary’s Report-Jessica Wentworth
◦   Be sure to keep track of your hours.

Service Report-Emma Hosman
}  Weekly Service Report
◦   Foster Family
◦   BIG Event (waiver)
◦   Service Learning opportunities

Education Report-Rachel Bertels and Jessica Schowengerdt
}  Stress Free Fridays
}  ANY IDEAS??? Let us know J

Social Report-Ali Kartmann  and Daniel Korenfeld
}  Check imleagues account
◦     Indoor volleyball
◦     Outdoor soccer
}  March 28th
◦     SPHA dinner!

Fundraising Report-Natalie Nealon
}  T-shirt prices

Professional Development Report- Rachel Chambers
}  Planning a Pattern Pals event for Tuesday March 20th or Thursday March 22nd.
◦     Guest Speaker
◦     Patterns/grad schools/teachers
}  Career Center services:
}     Mock Interviews:  with a staff member (videotaped), The Perfect Interview (on the computer), S.C.O.R.E. mock interviews
}     Library:  Graduate school prep material, Internship Opportunities, Ettiquette/Dress, Job Searching, Self-Assessment,                                    Resumes/ CVs / Cover Letters, Interviewing, and Major Specific Resources

PR Report-Lane Swan
} Communiversity Garden picket project.

MOPIP Liason- Sara Cassabaum
}  Waiting for MOPIP report
}  Cheer on the basketball teams after meeting

Webmaster-Andy Hill
}  E-mail me if you want to add something to the website.

Dr. Clark and Dr. Donahue