9-26-12 Meeting Minutes

SPHA General Meeting
September 26th, 2012

President’s Report –Aubrey Crowley

  • Family Fun Night–KPS Oct. 6th
  • Banner ID
  • Name tags
  • Committees  

Vice President’s Report-Chelsea Light

  • New member retreat went well!
  • If you have not yet taken the new members quiz, meet with Chelsea after the meeting.
  • New members- start your 10 current member interviews
  • Initiation is October 24th

Treasurer’s Report-McKenzie Tate

  • Dues are due after initiation!
    • $20 Current Members
    • $5 New Members

Secretary’s Report-Jessica Wentworth

  • Winner for the hours competition is Luna
  • Working on hours
  • If you have any questions, e-mail spha.hes@gmail.com

Service Report-Emma Hosman

  • Committees
  • Foster Families of Adair County Retail Store

Education Report-Rachel Bertels and Jessica Schowengerdt

  • Puppet Pals
  • Stress Free Friday
  • Faith Lutheran

Social Report-Ali Kartmann  and Daniel Korenfeld

  • Get to know you game
  • Etiquette dinner will be the first week in November for a general meeting 
  • E-mail Ali and Daniel if you’re interested in IM’s. We need more people!

Fundraising Report-Natalie Nealon

  • Selling water bottles
  • HES shirts are $5 now!
  • New shirts are being designed 
  • Raising money at Oktoberfest 

Professional Development Report- Rachel Chambers

  • Donald Asher Reports
  • Upcoming events
  • 30 Second Commercial  

PR Report-Lane Swan

  • Health and wellness resources
  • Trumandiningservices.com
  • Picket!

Webmaster-Andy Hill

  • Minutes will be posted after the meeting
  • New pictures will be on the website soon

MOPIP Liaison- Adam Manahan

  • Proposition B. Missouri’s Cigarette Tax
    • Go to www.csnews.com and search “Proposition B” to learn more.

Dr. Clark and Dr. Donahue

    • GPA/HLTH 366/Teamwork/Think quick/Work under pressure
    • FOOD DRIVE: raise $3000
      • Benefits food drive of Central and Northern Missouri
      • Monday
      • Donate $$$?
    • NEMO Senior Expo.
      • Oct. 22nd 11:00AM-2:00PM
    • Gents & Joules: Gala/fundraise for NEMO Heart Health
      • Nov. 2nd set-up/Nov. 3rd gala
    • Contact Dr. Clark to sign up/for more information on service events jclark@truman.edu