11-7-12 Meeting Minutes

SPHA General Meeting
November 7th, 2012

President’s Report –Aubrey Crowley

  •  Thank you note
  • Wellness Zone
  • Nominations
  • Elections are Nov. 14th…everyone must attend so we can vote!

Vice President’s Report-Chelsea Light

  • If you are a graduating in December Senior please come see me after the meeting if you have not already emailed me.  So far I have:
  •   Stephanie
  •   Luna
  •   Chelsea

Treasurer’s Report-McKenzie Tate

  • Dues increase
  • $25 current members
  • $10 new members

Secretary’s Report-Jessica Wentworth

  • Hours were updated last weekend
  • E-mail the SPHA account if something is incorrect
  • Attendance: Sign-in with your committee

Service Report-Emma Hosman

  • Christmas Party- November 29 4-6pm
  • NRMC Volunteers
  • Other Opportunities

Education Report-Rachel Bertels and Jessica Schowengerdt

  • Faith Lutheran
  • Table Friday 4-7PM

Social Report-Ali Kartmann  and Daniel Korenfeld

  • FUN GAME!!!!

Fundraising Report-Natalie Nealon

  • Do not forget to pay $3.50 for water bottles!!
  • See Natalie Nealon if you do not have a water bottle to sell (MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE LIST)
  • We are still selling SPHA shirts ($10) and what is left of the HES shirts ($5) !!
  • IF anyone has fundraising Ideas for future fundraisers or ideas of what we could do/be selling PLEASE do not hesitate to voice your opinions to Natalie Nealon or any of the EXEC members (and future fundraising chair as well)

Professional Development Report- Rachel Chambers


  • Pattern Night
  • Guest panel members: Jim Bergman (Health Admin.), Chelsea Billeck (CHES),
  • Professors: Visker, Donahue, and Venner (waiting to hear from others)
  • Panel discussion/Q&A: This means COME WITH QUESTIONS that you want answered for topics dealing with Truman classes, programs, graduate school, admissions, what the CHES is like, options after Truman, professional concerns
  • Sponsor for On-Campus Movie
  • • www.escapefiremovie.com
  • Questions, comments, concerns
  • Committee Meeting

PR Report-Lane Swan

  • UMOC (Ugly Man on Campus) is Thursday at 7 pm in Baldwin. Tickets are $2

Webmaster-Andy Hill

  • Minutes are on the website
  • New pictures are up!

MOPIP Liaison- Adam Manahan

  • Roberta Donahue’s Winter Interim- Essentials of Stress Management
  • Student Affairs “Finals Scream”

Dr. Clark

  • Case Study team—
    Emma Hosman
    Vanessa Shaw
    McKenzie Tate
    Justin Ryckman