12-5-12 Meeting Minutes

SPHA General Meeting

December 5, 2012

President Report-Mckenzie Tate

·         SPHA evaluations

·         The Wellness Center

·         Making a donation to Foster Care Families


Vice President –Lane Swan

·         Congratulations Seniors!

·         Stephanie Bergt, Chelsea Billeck, and Luna Oceguera


Treasures Report- Liz Waldron

·          The budget for this coming year is in being worked on


Secretary Report- Breanna Ransburg

·         Hours have been updated as much as possible

·         If they are still WRONG, please email me at bnr6224. DO NOT resubmit them!

·         Attendance next semester


Service Chair Report- Kim McDonald


·         Christmas cards for Manor Care during tonight’s meeting


Education Chair- Meghan Jones

·         Contact me for any education ideas!!!

·         Stress Free Friday: Friday, December 7th, 2012

·         Stress Free Finals: Monday, December 10th, 2012


Social Chair Report- Maria Benitez & Caitlin Eikerman

·         Christmas Game!

·         http://www.brownielocks.com/ChristmasCarolPictureQuiz.html


MOPIP Liaison- Adam Manahan

·         Final Scream Dec. 9th 10 pm-Midnight in SUB!


Webmaster- Dan Mattheiss

·         Friend me on Facebook so I can add you to the SPHA Facebook page

·         Look out for SPHA on Twitter!

·         Follow SPHA @SPHA_TSU