4-10-13 Meeting Minutes

SPHA General Meeting

April 10, 2013


President- McKenzie Tate

                     WELLNESS WEEK!

Vice President- Lane Swan

                      Graduating seniors (May or August) see me after

                      BBQ May 1st @ 6 PM behind Ryle

                      Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

                      Please bring chips/sides


Treasurer- Liz Waldron

                    You will be receiving an e-mail if you have not paid your dues yet, along

                           with a $5 late fee.

                     Current Balance: $3,231.38

                     Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions or concerns

                            regarding the account and expenses 🙂


Secretary- Breanna Ransburg

                      Hours are updated!

                     If you see any mistakes please let me know!


Service- Kim MacDonald

                   KPS Can Drive-April 22nd-26th

                  Wellness Zone Schedule

                  Environmental Health Day!!

                  Monday April 22nd

                  Group expect an e-mail to assign tasks

                   Street Clean Up-5:00

                   Special Olympics Reminder-April 20th!

Education- Meghan Jones

                  Stress Free Friday!

                  Wellness Week:

                   April 26 is Mental Health

                   Group: Stay after to talk about a schedule and budget.

                   Working on Stress Free Finals!

                    Friday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 5th

Professional Development Chair- Brianna Bonner

                     Do you want a TIP?

                    GO PALS with your Patterns RIGHT NOW!

                     ESCAPE FIRE MOVIE EVENT

                     APRIL 16th @6:00 p.m.

                      TELL THE WORLD!!  


Social Chair- Caitlin Eikerman & Marie Benitez

                      Wellness Week- Nutrition Day APRIL 24th

                     Group stay after meeting to help with nutrition poster!


Public Relations- Vanessa Shaw

                      Need Wellness Week schedules from different committees

Fundraising- Jennifer Rippe & Jessica Schowengerdt

                    T-shirts are in!! $10

                    Wellness Day 25th

                         Physical Activity

                          11am-2:30pm on Quad

                  Pancake Fundraiser

                          April 21st


MOPIP- Adam Manahan

                 Look Forward to a MOTM Education Event


Webmaster- Dan Mattheiss

                If you want an event on Calendar/Facebook

                Email me at drm1625@truman.edu


                You NEED to follow us on FB and Twitter



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