9-18-13 Meeting Minutes

SPHA General Meeting

   September 18, 2013


President- McKenzie Tate

Welcome New Members!

Food Drive September 30th- October 6th!

Sleep Awareness Week!

Poverty Simulation

Case Study


Vice President- Lane Swan

Welcome New Members!!!

Wellness Zone Shift Friday 12:30-1:30


Treasurer- Liz Waldron

Current Balance: $2,893.97

Recruitment: $50

Education: $50

Social: $75


Donation Fund: $50

Copy charges: $60

Senior gifts and Advisor gifts: tentative $75

Total estimated cost: $795


Secretary- Hannah Lipari

Make sure you always sign the PURPLE sign in sheet!

How do you send in excuses or hours?

go to the SPHA website: click the attendance link or hours link!


Service- Kim MacDonald

KPS Fun Night!

Saturday October 5th 4:30-8:00

Middle School Visit Day

Friday October 4th


5k Run/Walk

Natalie Nealon

Sleep Awareness Week

Oct 1-3


Education- Meghan Jones

Welcome New Members!!

Line Dance for Wellness on Friday!!

Working on It can wait account for SPHA

Pattern Panel will be coming soon…

Can make more sleep masks after meeting in the hallway.

Any education ideas, let me know!


Professional Development Chair- Briana Bonner

Career Week KickOff -Oct. 4th

Career & Graduate School Expo -Oct. 2nd

Donald Asher -Sept. 24th & 25th

Pattern Pals

ASTU speaker is HERE !

TONIGHT in MG 1000 8:00p.m-9:00p.m


Social Chair- Caitlin Eikerman & Marie Benitez

New members!Please stand up and introduce yourselves:

Name, year, hometown, pattern

Social Event coming up!

Progressive Dinner on October 2nd.

Highly encouraged for ALL to attend


Public Relations- Vanessa Shaw


Check out our trophy case!


Fundraising- Jennifer Rippe & Jessica Schowengerdt

Healthy Bake Sale 24th and 25th 11:00-2:00

Help Bake/Make Things!

Selling old T-shirts


MOPIP- Adam Manahan


Webmaster- Dan Mattheiss

Home Football Game (FAMILY DAY)

         Saturday Sept. 21 vs William Penn

         Bring your family to cheer on the ‘DOGS

         Kickoff is at 7:00

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Employee Wellness Program

            Contact List plus Quick meeting after

Dr. Clark