12-4-13 Meeting Minutes

President Katie Reysack
-Introduction of New Exec, Meetings for 2014, SPHA Survey, Goals for 2014 year

Vice President- Ashley Kuykendall
-If you have new ideas for recruitment, always feel free to e-mail me!

Treasurer- Erika Holliday
-Thanks for electing me as Treasurer!
-If you haven’t paid your dues yet, please do! Remember there’s a $5 fine for every week you don’t pay them!

Secretary- Megan Sullivan
-All hours that I have received should be updated!
-Keep sending hours in through SPHA website
-Email me with ANY questions at mes706@truman.edu

Service- Petra Petermann
-Thanks for electing me as your service chair!
-MLK Challenge: January 20 @ 8:30 am
-Enjoy a day serving the Kirksville community on your day off of school
-Register for this event on the TruService website
-Free lunch for participants!!

Education- Lauren Maag
-Wellness Packs!
-Tables will be in McClain on Thursday and the SUB on Friday
-I am starting a binder of lesson plans. If you send me a lesson plan you may count it as an hour of education.
-Next semester look for Puppet Pals and classes at the PACT center.
-If there is an activity you would like to add, come talk to me!

Social Chair- Kimberly Emery
-DODGE BALL! sponsored by APO
-Saturday, Dec. 7th @1pm (check at 12:30)
-In Pershing Arena
-5 Players per team (teams must have at least 2 girls)
-$5 per player
-Sign the list! Registration ends tonight!

Public Relations- Sam Koenig
Goals for this coming year:
– Reimage ourselves. Let’s show everyone who we are and the good we do! I want SPHA to be recognized everywhere on this campus.
– A new “viral” video?
– New Posters?
– Change the way we advertise.
“Spread SPHA, not illness”

Fundraising- Nemo & Chelsea Little
-Feel free to let us know of any fundraising ideas 🙂
*Resale/yard sale fundraiser?

MOPIP- Sarah Strickler
-Thank you for having me as your MOPIP representative!
-The coalition is currently working to prioritize their efforts to minimize risk behaviors among Truman students.

Dr. Clark
-Health 440 Presentations
-December 5th
-6:00 – 8:30 VH 1010

Dr. Wodika
-Environmental Buddies!