2-19-14 Meeting Minutes

President- Katie Reysack

  • Voting for monetary donation for Disability Awareness video

  • Accreditation committee

  • Relay for Life T-shirt Sales

Feb 27 Wellness Zone: Dancing!

Vice President- Ashley Kuykendall

  • Welcome, New Members!! We’re glad to have you!
  • Voting for Re-branding Campaign
  • Contact Sheets & Pattern Pals

Treasurer- Erika Holliday

  • Dues are do March 26!

Secretary- Megan Sullivan

  • If you are on probation, hours are due by March 4th

  • Google doc for hours should be posted on our website soon!!

Service- Liz Chau

  • Future service opportunities:

  • Big Event

    • Date: March 29

    • Look for an email with more information.

  • Preferred Family Healthcare’s Zombie 5k Run/Walk

    • Date: April 5

    • Calling for 20-30 volunteers

Questions? Ideas? Contact elc6562@truman.edu

Education- Lauren Maag

  • NSA’s Healthy Minds: Live Smart & Stay Sharp is on February 25th, and we are doing a Puzzle Raffle.
  • Vote on prizes

  • Stress Free Friday next Friday, February 28

Professional Development Chair- Katie Larabee & Carly Scott

—Career Week—

—–March 3-6——

Etiquette Dinner  ……………………… Monday

Networking Reception ………………… Tuesday

Career Expo ……………………………… Wednesday

On-Campus Interviews ………………… Thursday

Social Chair- Kimberly Emery

  • Anyone else interested in Intramural Volleyball? At least one more boy needs to sign up!

Meet with me after the meeting if you signed up!

Public Relations- Sara McVety

  • Re-branding Campaign

Fundraising- Nemo & Chelsea Little

  •  Will be sending a Google doc tomorrow for table times to sell the previous years’ t-shirts and water bottles.
  • Currently working on this semester’s apparel item. Ideas?? Sweatshirt? t-shirt? cardigan? Hoodies? ((we don’t know until you tell us 🙂 ))

  •  If you have any suggestions for fundraising ideas, let us know!

MOPIP- Sarah Strickler

 Meeting of the Minds!!!

  • Applications are due February 28th! Contact me with ANY questions!
  • Spring Break Awareness Week- March 3rd

  • Don’t forget- anyone who signed up for the CPE training it is this weekend! See you there!

  • Wellness Symposium conference

Webmaster- Luke Knoche

  • I will put up this week’s General Meeting minutes on the website tonight.
  • Visit www.spha.truman.edu for more information!

Dr. Clark

Public Health Scholar Bowl:  Apr. 11-13

Case Study Team Members are: Katie Reysack, Kara Busken, Maggie DeDecker Caitlyn Eikermann, Carly Scott, Christa Steinbach

Dr. Wodika

  • Environmental Buddies is tomorrow (February 20th) at 2:00

    • Topic = REDUCE!

      • Meet in Lobby of Kirksville Primary at 1:50. If you’re attending, let me know!

  • Battery Collection 2/24 – 3/31

  • High Street Clean-Up 2/24 at 4:30

    • Meet at corner of Normal and High St.