1-28-15 Meeting Minutes

President- Bonnie Kempker

  • Topics to discuss:
    • Addition of committees
    • Change in general meeting structure
    • Change in conference requirement
    • Capstone Funding
  • Maximum of 5 members per committee. The list is not finalized, you can see the list on the committee page
  • Final list of committees will be presented at the next general meeting (February 11th)
    • You will rank your top 3 committees during the meeting
    • Committees will be announced no later than February 25 (3rd meeting)
  • Meeting of the Minds- Proposal due by February 20
    • Effective campus programs
    • Promoting smoke-free campus
  • Speakers Bureau – Health topic booth February 17th for Health Awareness Week
    • Tri-fold display board with information, pictures, games, activities, and/or decoration about your group’s topic
  • General Meetings
    • Before meetings, an email with all important updates and events will be sent
    • First part- will discuss important topics and address any questions or concerns
    • The second half- reserved for your committee members to meet and work on your projects/tasks.
  • To provide the opportunity for everyone to attend a conference we have adjusted the requirement. You must now attend at least 4 hours of a conference.
    • Meeting of Minds, TSU Conference, Environmental Studies, SRC, Sexual Health Conference, Scholar Bowl

Vice President – Alex Connor

  • Info Nights are Monday (education) and Tuesday (service) at 6pm in PB 232
  • Class presentations tomorrow at 9am and 10:30am

Treasurer- Ashley Bond

  • Budget coming soon
  • Vote on dues next meeting (2-11-15)
  • Payment Plan
  • New rules on paying dues:
    • The cap on dues is now $40
    • Probation: cannot gain any hours

Secretary- Keilah Sullivan

  • Be sure to submit your hours!
  • 4 education, 4 service, 2 professional education, 4 Conference, 1 Social
  • 2 excused absences & 2 unexcused absences permitted per semester

Education- Mischa Tomczak

  • Valentine’s Day Cards
    • “Always use protection”, “Get screened for STD’s annually”, etc.
    • 4 cards = 30 mins, Max of 8 cards (1 hour total)
    • I will collect them at the next general meeting (February 11th)
    • Create or buy a valentine’s day card and write a safe sex tips/STD facts on it along with some friendly words!
        Tip ideas:
  • Safe and Sweet Valentine’s Day
    • Handing out condoms, cards, and candy
    • Thursday, Feb 12th MG 10am-3pm
    • Friday, Feb 13th McClain 10am- 4pm
  • Dental Health Puppet Show – Sign up sheet coming soon


Service- Elizabeth Barreca

One Time Events:

Putting up red ribbons for NEMO Heart Health

  • Changed to Monday February 2nd at 2:30
  • Meeting behind BNB Dorm to organize and go put up the ribbons
  • Check your email for sign up

NEMO Gents and Joules on Feb 14, Megan and Sara will have sign ups here tonight

Red Ribbon take down at the end of February- I will email more info on that.

Longterm Service:

LIFE Ability Center

  • Tutors:
    • 2 needed to help a gentleman working on communication skills
  • Cooking Class
    • A group willing to come up with curriculum and teach an advanced cooking class


Professional Development – Helen Curran

  • No Report
  • hkc1145@truman.edu

Social Chairs- Christian Reiling

  • Intramural Sports!
    • Volleyball
      Deadline for team sign up: Feb 18
      Play begins: Feb 23
    • Soccer
      Deadline for team sign up: March 11
      Play begins: March 16
    • Any great ideas or opportunities that you’re aware of that you think all of us would love and have fun together over the semester would be fantastic! chr1781@truman.edu

Public Relations- Laura Kim

  • Check out new trophy case!
  • sk2242@truman.edu

Fundraising- Gillian Mwangi

  • SPHA Apparel Fundraiser
  • Currently working on the design for the apparel
  • If you want input on the design email me at gwm7612@truman.edu

MOPIP – Jihee Lee

  • Meeting of the Minds
    • Date : April 9th – 11th
    • Applications will be due at the end of February
    • Please contact me if interested!

Webmasters – Amanda & Ben

  • It’s a new year but sadly there are some changes that cannot be
    made as planned because of the editing site
  • All necessary and suggested changes from last semester should now be applied to the site.

    • Please send us questions, comments, and/or concerns so that we can keep improving your online experience!

Dr. Clark

1. NEMO Heart Health needs SPHA help:

    • Put up BIG Red Ribbons on 75-100 lamp poles by Feb.1
    • Take down & dispose Red Ribbons by Feb. 28

I need 1-2 “Ribbon” leader(s) to recruit SPHA vols., get materials, organize &
supervise vols for ribbon tying; AND ribbon take-down & disposal.

2. Volunteers for GENTS & JOULES Gala on Feb. 14, 2015.  Contact Sara McVety & Megan Sullivan.

3. Support for NHH’s Celebrity Stride on Feb 28.  I have to run/walk on the treadmill at Hy-Vee to raise $$$ on Feb 28 at 11:00 a.m.  Please support my effort with a donation.

Dr. Wodika

Welcome back to Truman! I hope you all have a great Spring semester! I am seeking assistance from SPHA during the week of March 23-27th for Sexual Health Awareness Week that my HLTH 260 course is hosting. We were hoping SPHA would present one night on a topic pertinent to sexual health (i.e. contraceptive options and/or STI awareness). If interested please let me know! I’ll be speaking with the Education Chair (Mischa) with more details.