2-25-15 Meeting Minutes

President- Bonnie Kempker bek1812@truman.edu

  • The List of Committee members is (mostly) finished. Once the SLU committee has been finalized by Dr. Clark and Dr. Wodika we will notify you of your committee placement.
    • Prepare to meet with your committee at the next general meeting and discuss projects for the rest of the semester.

Vice President- Alex Connor awc7647@truman.edu

  • Attire has been ordered, we were unable to get a discount like last semester because or order was not large enough.
    • Polos will be $29 and cardigans will be $50.
    • Payment will be due Wednesday (2/25), if you are unable to pay the full amount please speak with us about working out a payment plan.

Secretary- Keilah Sullivan kas1484@truman.edu

  • Please submit hours via a computer.
    • I’ve had some people think that they submitted hours via their phones, but the SPHA account never received those submissions.
    • If you see any errors in your hours, please do let me know (spha.hes@gmail.com) and I’d be happy to check our records/update those hours for you!

Also, please wear either SPHA or business casual attire to the meeting this Wednesday (February 25th @ 7pm in MG 2001).

Treasurer- Ashley Bond alb1228@truman.edu

  • Payment for attire is due Feb. 25th.
  • Dues are due on March 18th, $10 for new members and $20 for everyone else.
    • If you don’t pay them March 18th, $5 is added to the cost every week after, until it caps at $40.
    • If you have problems paying your dues, email me at alb1228@truman.edu or talk to me after the meeting.
  • If you need to meet with me to get your money for your capstone project, come see me after the meeting on Wednesday or email me.

Education- Mischa Tomczak mt4258@truman.edu

  • Education event this Friday, February 27th, “Stress-Free Friday”.
    • Will be handing out the remainder of the hot chocolate packets. It will be in McClain from 10am-4pm. I will send a sign-up sheet early this week.
  • An email was sent out regarding dental puppet shows for the next two weeks. A big thanks to all who signed up last week!
    • I also need 1-2 more people to help with the STI presentation on March 27th at 7 pm. Email me if you are interested.


Service- Elizabeth Barreca emb5883@truman.edu

  • No Report


Professional Development – Helen Curran hkc1145@truman.edu

  • Truman’s Career Week is going on this week.
    • Tuesday there is a nonprofit poster presentation in a SUB from 10-1pm and nonprofit panel in the SUB activities room at 6pm. Cerner is presenting at 6pm in SUB 3201 as well.
    • Wednesday is the career expo from 11-4pm in the SUB. There is also an opportunity to get a professional photo taken.
    • Thursday is employer interviews.

Social – Christian Reiling chr1781@truman.edu

  • Yoga Day! Requesting availability for a SPHA yoga session at the rec which will be prepared for the general meeting on Wednesday as  as a possible future SPHA pizza days at Bellacino’s!


Fundraising- Gillian Mwangi gwm7612@truman.edu

  • We have a ton of extra t-shirts from old SPHA fundraisers so we are going to sell them next Tuesday March, 3rd from 10am-4pm.
    • If we have extra’s I will set up another day to sell. We are selling shirts in MacGruder and i will send out a google docs sign up soon.


MOPIP – Jihee Lee jl3112@truman.edu


Public Relations- Laura Kim sk2242@truman.edu


Webmasters – Amanda & Ben amt5863@truman.edu      bop5286@truman.edu

  • Spring 2015 photos tab is up
    • currently has a few pictures of students tying red ribbons for Nemo Heart Health awareness.


Dr. Clark jclark@truman.edu

  •  No Report


Dr. Wodika awodika@truman.edu

  • No Report