4-1-15 Meeting Minutes

 President- Bonnie Kempker   bek1812@truman.edu

  • Name tags should come in soon, and I hope to have them at the meeting. I will also bring any remaining attire for those who missed last week’s meeting.

Vice President- Alex Connor   awc7647@truman.edu

  • No report.

Secretary- Keilah Sullivan   kas1484@truman.edu

  • Congrats, SPHA! You have all collectively completed over 450 hours of service/education/prof dev/etc. Please continue to submit hours now so I’m not drowning in emails at the end of the semester.
  • Please submit absence excuses before the meeting and via the form on the website instead of emailing me personally. Thank you!

Treasurer- Ashley Bond   alb1228@truman.edu

  • If you haven’t paid your dues yet, make sure you do so. If you put it in the SPHA mailbox before Wednesday, dues are $25 for current members and $15 for new members. If you pay them at the meeting Wednesday, they go up by another $5. New members, if you haven’t received your $5 reimbursement, come see me before or after the meeting.

Education- Mischa Tomczak   mt4258@truman.edu

  • Sunny & Stress-Free

For three consecutive weeks, every Thursday and Friday (April 9, 10, 16,17, 23, & 24), we will be handing out cups of lemonade with skin care tips/facts relating to sun exposure on the quad. The event will last from 10am-5pm. Every Wednesday (April 8, 15, & 22) from 6pm-7pm, we will be making those cups in Magruder. I will be sending out sign up sheets every Sunday for that week. I made the event end an hour later and included the cup making at 6pm to try to accommodate those that wished to have events later in the day. Hopefully, this will fulfil all your hours. If you still have concerns about getting the entirety of your 4 hours, please email me at mt4258@truman.edu

Service- Elizabeth Barreca   emb5883@truman.edu

  • Thanks for your service at the Big Event!
  • Need more hours?! MOPIP has a service opportunity that SPHA members may participate in! Zombie 5K Walk/Run being held on Saturday April 25th at 9 am. Volunteers probably have to be there earlier than that since the check-in starts at 7 am. If you are interested, contact Erica Supple at Esupple@pfh.org . The purpose of the event is to bring awareness to the abuse of prescription drugs in Northeast Missouri.

 Professional Development – Helen Curran   hkc1145@truman.edu

  • I’ll be sending out dates for opportunities to get hours soon so be on the lookout

Social – Christian Reiling   chr1781@truman.edu

  • We had a wonderful turn-out at our yoga night. Perhaps more yoga in the future, if you all are interested.

Fundraising- Gillian Mwangi   gwm7612@truman.edu

  • Sign up for the SPHA apparel has been sent out. Its important to get the word out so tell your friends around campus about it.
    • Price is $15 for both the bro-tank and t-shirt.
    • I also still have old t-shirts left from the $1 t-shirt sale, so i will be bringing the box to the next meeting just make sure to bring a dollar with you!

MOPIP – Jihee Lee   jl3112@truman.edu

  • For those of you who are going to the Meeting of the Minds, be safe and HAVE FUN!

Public Relations- Laura Kim   sk2242@truman.edu

  • New trophy case is up! Check it out in PB.
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Webmasters – Ben & Amanda    bop5286@truman.edu & amt5863@truman.edu

Dr. Clark jclark@truman.edu

  • Stream Clean-up on Saturday April 18th from 9am-Noon
    • Meet at Red Barn parking lot behind PB
    • Wear: Jeans, rubber boots/old shoes, long-sleeved shirt
    • Gloves will be provided
    • Free shirt if you contact me about participating by April 6th 5pm with your shirt size

Dr. Wodika awodika@truman.edu

  • Senior Health Fair at ASTU on April 18th