9-30-15 Meeting Minutes

President- Bonnie Kempker   bek1812@truman.edu

Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into SPHA so far. The committees this semester are off to a great start and I can’t wait to see all that we can accomplish before December.

Vice President- Alex Connor   awc7647@truman.edu

  • All new members must take the SPHA quiz

Secretary- Chaney Cooper   cgc1331@truman.edu

Hey SPHA, I just wanted to review what is an excused absence and what isn’t. You only need to submit an excuse on the SPHA website if it is in the excused category.


  • Family/personal emergency
  • Academic review session with a professor
  • Class
  • SPHA conferences
  • Illness


  • Work
  • Group meetings/projects
  • Events for another organization

Treasurer- Ashley Bond   alb1228@truman.edu

  • Dues are due October 21st. They are $25 for the semester or $45 for the year.
    • If you need to set up a payment plan, talk to me in person or via email.

Education- Mischa Tomczak   mt4258@truman.edu

  • No report

Service- Elizabeth Barreca   emb5883@truman.edu

  • The Life Ability Center is our official philanthropy and open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Simply call the center at 660-627-6291 at least 24 hrs in advance (during their hours of operation) on when you would like to come by and volunteer.
  • Service Committee has discussed having a themed dance party promoting wellness through dance and healthy snacks on a Saturday, November 14th.
    • We put the idea to vote during the general meeting and SPHA is in favor of this.

Remember, that you may earn service hours through any health or community benefiting volunteer opportunity, not just the Life Ability Center. However, we would like to have members earn at least one hour there if possible.

Professional Development – Helen Curran  hkc1145@truman.edu

  • No report

Social – Christian Reiling   chr1781@truman.edu

  • I have the sand volleyball court behind Ryle reserved from 5:30pm – 7pm! Come have fun with your SPHA members!
  • If you attend Oktoberfest (Oct. 2) with at least 5 SPHA members, you may count it as a social event! Make sure you type all the names in the description box when you turn in your hours.
    • Location: behind Centennial hall
    • Starts at 4pm
  • World’s Largest Shaving Cream Pie Event at 6pm
    • Raises money for the food bank, Pay  $2 or 2 cans of food
    • Also need 5 other SPHA members if you want it to count as a social event

Fundraising- Gillian Mwangi   gwm7612@truman.edu

  • We will be selling ice cream ($1 a scoop) at Oktoberfest as a fundraiser. We will discuss logistics at the meeting.

MOPIP – Jihee Lee   jl3112@truman.edu

There will be some changes in MCHBS questions; questions related to stress will be cycling back in and majority of questions related to social desirability, hard drugs, tobacco, and driving will be cycling out.

Public Relations- Laura Kim   sk2242@truman.edu

  • Like us on Facebook!


  • And please add yourself on SPHA Facebook group!


Webmasters – Ben & Amanda    bop5286@truman.edu & amt5863@truman.edu

  • No report

Dr. Clark    jclark@truman.edu

  • No report

Dr. Wodika    awodika@truman.edu

  • Thank you to SPHA members for co-hosting the Bystander Awareness event for Sexual Assault Awareness Week!
  • Congratulations to Kacie Isaacson, Carly-Jo Scott, Leyna Craigmile, and Sung Huh for winning FIRST PLACE for their poster at the Missouri Public Health Association Conference on Wednesday, Sept. 23!
  • PRISM will be having their ‘Coming out’ events on Oct 12-14. One of the members discussed holding a LGBTQ+ panel for Truman Students.
    • Would SPHA be interested in co-hosting this event? It is a great opportunity and last semester, the Gender and Sexual Identity Panel was the most well-attended event for HLTH 260’s Sexual Health Awareness Week.
    • Let me know if you are interested!