10-21-15 Meeting Minutes

President- Bonnie Kempker   bek1812@truman.edu

  • Attire is in! Please pay for attire before picking it up. The prices are $25 for the women’s polos and $20 for men’s polos. We were able to get free logos! Name tags are also ready for pick up. You will not be responsible for purchasing name tags unless you lose you name tag (purchase a new one for $8).
  • Real Life 101
    • Located in the SUB Alumni Room
      • Traveling on a Budget- Oct 20, 5:00pm
      • The ABCs of Investing- Oct 22, 6:00pm
      • Basic of Health Insurance- Oct 27, 5:00pm
      • Taxes- Oct 29, 5:00pm
      • Buying a Car- Nov4, 5:00pm
      • Rights Under a Lease- Nov 5, 5:00pm
      • Paying off Student Loans- Nov 10, 5:00pm
      • Creating a Budget- Nov 11, 5:00pm

Vice President- Alex Connor   awc7647@truman.edu

  • Upcoming Events
    • Speaker Bureau is hosting an event on Thursday. “the Sex Ed You Didn’t Get in High School” at 7 in VH 1010
    • Life Ability Center party November 14- Make sure you get signed up!
    • Sustainability Day is October 28th- event in SUB Alumni room from 10-3

Secretary- Chaney Cooper   cgc1331@truman.edu

  • SPHA members have logged over 160 hours so far this semester. Keep up the good work!
  • NEW MEMBERS: Don’t forget that you do need 2 hours of service, 2 hours of education, 1 hour of professional development, and 1 social event. Don’t forget to log the hours from the SPHA informational nights you attended and from your entrance interview!

Treasurer- Ashley Bond   alb1228@truman.edu

  • Dues are due! They are $25 for the semester or $45 for the year.
    • There is a $5 late fee for every week you forget to pay, unless you talk to Ashley and set up a payment plan with her ASAP.

Education- Mischa Tomczak   mt4258@truman.edu

  • There will be a few education opportunities next week related to alcohol awareness. I will send a separate email with more details and sign up sheets.

Service- Elizabeth Barreca   emb5883@truman.edu

  • Sign up for the Life Ability Center Service Opportunities. I have broken the sign ups for the party tasks into 3 different sections:
  1. Preparation Tasks Before November 14th
  2. Preparation and Clean Up Tasks on November 14th
  3. Tasks During the Party

Professional Development – Helen Curran  hkc1145@truman.edu

  • No report

Social – Christian Reiling   chr1781@truman.edu

  • We might have another social event coming up!

Fundraising- Gillian Mwangi   gwm7612@truman.edu

  • Pay for your HES apparel at tables in McClain from 10am-4:30pm
    • Crew necks are $20 and hoodies $25.
    • If you are unavailable to pay today feel free to email me and we can work something out.

MOPIP – Jihee Lee   jl3112@truman.edu

  • No report

Public Relations- Laura Kim   sk2242@truman.edu

New trophy case is up! Check it out in PB.

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  • And please add yourself on SPHA Facebook group!


Webmasters – Ben & Amanda    bop5286@truman.edu & amt5863@truman.edu

  • No report

Dr. Clark    jclark@truman.edu

Everyone is very busy right now, but you should go to some of the Real Life 101 presentations such as the health insurance one and the student loan one.

Dr. Wodika    awodika@truman.edu

Sustainability Day is October 28th. From 10-3 p.m. in the SUB there will be tables in the Alumni room of HLTH 362 second life projects as well as other ‘sustainable’ organizations with information. Check it out if interested!