11-4-15 Meeting Minutes

President- Bonnie Kempker   bek1812@truman.edu

  • The SPHA constitution has been updated and voted on!
    • Items highlighted in yellow = wording/ formatting changes but no change in content
    • Items highlighted in blue = the content has changed
    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/13Mnw53FXUS4YvcfyXtGKVPAG0FUMrakQwlq8ztESimo/edit
  • We have also nominated members for positions. Candidates will be required to fill out an application and present a one minute speech during elections
    • President:Gillian M, Ben P., Jihee L., Liz B.
    • Vice President: Ben P., Gillian M., Liz B., Sydney G.
    • Secretary: Tori T., Ben P., Maddie G., Courtney R., Olivia S., Allison P., Abby M.
    • Treasurer: Autumn S., Tori T., Emily Q., Maha M., Abby M., Courtney R.
    • Education Chair: Brendan C., Christina R., Marie G., Jihee L.
    • Service chair: Susan C., Laura K., Olivia S., Allison P., Emily Q., Audrey S.
    • Professional Chair: Chaney C., Maha M., Abby J., Sydney G.
    • Social Chair: Courtney B., Olivia S., Brendan C., Allison P., Brittany R.
    • Fundraising Chair: Autumn S., Abby M., Ashley K., Chaney C.
    • MOPIP Liaison: Sydney G., Natalie E., Maddie G., Jihee L.
    • Public Relations: Matt B., Liz B., Emily Q., Laura K., Brendan C.
    • Webmaster: Maddie G., Tori T.

Vice President- Alex Connor   awc7647@truman.edu

  • The Speaker’s Bureau is having our presentation titled, “The Sex Ed You Didn’t Get in High School”
    • This Thursday(Nov 5th) at 7pm in the Baldwin Little Theater
    • We have been working very hard on this presentation and everyone should come see it.
  • Please consider making a donation to the Faith Lutheran sun awning project at our meeting or attend one of the fundraiser events. Our entire HLTH 366 class has been working diligently all semester for this project, and we are trying to raise as much money as possible. The children there have very little protection from harmful UV rays on their playground and this awning will help immensely.  If every member donated just $1 that would make a big difference towards this project.
    • Events:
      • Sun Safe Soup Supper (soup, bread, cookies, brownies, and more) at Faith Lutheran School on Nov 8, 5-8pm ($5 in advance or $6 at the door)
      • All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast at FLS on Nov15, 11am-1pm ($5)
      • Colton’s Night is Nov17, 5pm-8pm
      • Bellacino’s Night is Nov 30, 4-9pm

Secretary- Chaney Cooper   cgc1331@truman.edu

  • We have submitted almost 200 hours this semester! Still, there are some people who haven’t started their hours yet, get those in sooner rather than later!

Treasurer- Ashley Bond   alb1228@truman.edu

  • For the members who forgot their dues last general meeting, your dues are late and is now $35 for the semester
    • Email me if you have any questions
  • This Sunday, November 8, there is going to be a Soup Supper at Faith Lutheran School from 5-8 to raise money for a sun awning. Tickets are $5 if bought beforehand or $6 at the door. If you would like to purchase tickets, email me or Christian. The meal includes a bowl of soup, bread, fresh vegetables, dessert, and a drink. We need desserts for the event , so the SPHA exec has agreed to give 30 minutes of service for every dessert made for the event. You can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TN0wE5Cx1L1R-s9Rw7wo9bV1aqycFZcK4ehrivC_Hlc/edit#gid=0

Education- Mischa Tomczak   mt4258@truman.edu

  • No report

Service- Elizabeth Barreca   emb5883@truman.edu

  • Make sure you remember what you signed up to do for the Life Ability Center event. There are still some open spaces, so sign up it you want to help or need service hours.

Professional Development – Helen Curran  hkc1145@truman.edu

  • Professional development opportunity next Thursday, November 12th at 6pm in MG 1098.

Social – Christian Reiling   chr1781@truman.edu

  • No report

Fundraising- Gillian Mwangi   gwm7612@truman.edu

  • No report

MOPIP – Jihee Lee   jl3112@truman.edu

  • Even though we became tobacco-free campus, there are many students and faculties who still smoke on campus. There has been a lot of discussions about how we deal with this issue during the MOPIP meeting, but we are still in need of more ideas.
    • If you have any ideas or comments, please email me at and I will share them during the next MOPIP meeting

Public Relations- Laura Kim   sk2242@truman.edu

If you haven’t checked our trophy case yet, check it out in PB.

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Webmasters – Ben & Amanda    bop5286@truman.edu & amt5863@truman.edu

  • No report

Dr. Clark    jclark@truman.edu

  • Please attend or donate to the faith Lutheran sun awning project that HLTH 366 has been working on.

Dr. Wodika    awodika@truman.edu

  • No report