The Constitution of the Student Public Health Association
ADOPTED – April 25, 2005
Current as of April 27, 2016

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Student Public Health Association.

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of the Student Public Health Association is to further the professional competencies of Health Science Students at Truman State University through service and educational activities both on and off campus.

Article III – Members

Section 1. Membership Eligibility
Persons interested in becoming members must be currently enrolled students at Truman State University. Potential members must have expressed genuine interest in the topic of public health and the Student Public Health Association. Potential members who have declared themselves as a Health Science Major and are not graduating seniors in their final semester will be allowed to apply and interview with no restrictions. Potential members who have not declared themselves as a Health Science Major will complete a more rigorous application and interview process than their Health Science counterparts in accordance with the separate application and guidelines created by the Executive Board at the beginning of the semester.

Section 2. Potential Membership
During recruitment week potential members must attend at least two of the three informational meetings, with professional development night being mandatory. Recruitment nights will include one night of service, one night of education, and one night of professional development. Information about the organization will be shared on the first two (2) nights of recruitment. Potential new members will undergo an interview on the professional development night of recruitment, where executive officers will interview each potential member. Potential members who have not declared a Health Science Major will be interviewed by more than one executive officer.

Section 2a. Potential Member Test
New members shall be required to complete and pass a new members quiz with a 100% prior to initiation. The quiz will include questions concerning the five sectors of the Student Public Health Association, the purpose of the Student Public Health Association, the education and service hour requirements for each semester, the attendance requirements for meetings, and other pertinent information as needed. New members will have unlimited attempts at the quiz.

Section 2b. New Membership Requirements and Initiation
Potential members will be required to participate in two (2) service hours, two (2) health education hours, and one (1) professional development hour. Upon completion of hours, new members will undergo initiation at the end of the semester. At initiation, the Code of Ethics for the Health Science Profession will be signed and membership will be official.

Section 3. Membership Requirements
Members will participate in four (4) service hours and four (4) health education hours, two (2) hours of professional development and two (2) social events per semester. Members will be required to attend four (4) hours of a conference per academic year. These requirements cannot be counted toward any other SPHA requirement. Members may not submit hours they completed to fulfill a requirement for another organization or course. All of the hours must either be an organization sponsored event or approved by the executive board. If a member signs up for hours and is not in attendance when these hours take place, the member will be responsible for completing these missed hours in addition to their hour requirements for the semester. All special cases will be reviewed by the executive board.

Section 3a. Committees
Members must participate in at least one (1) committee each semester. Executive officers will develop committees based on the number of projects they will undertake in that semester. Members will rank their top choices and will subsequently be assigned to their committee at the beginning of each semester.

Section 3b. Leave of Absence
If a member would like to take a leave of absence for a semester from SPHA they must notify the executive board before they lose good standing within the organization. Members must present their reason in writing for the need of leave of absence and the executive board will review the request. If request is granted, there are two options:

1) Members may choose to remain on the roster by paying member dues and fulfilling all other requirements aside from attendance; member will be excused from all meetings for the semester.
2) Member may choose to not fulfill any requirements for the semester and be removed from the roster; however, the member will not have to go through initiation to be reinstated the following semester.

Section 3c. Associate Membership
The purpose of associate membership is to give members the opportunity to be proactive in regards to remaining off probation for a particularly challenging semester. Any member that is not a new member or graduating member may apply to be an associate member of the Student Public Health Association for one semester in their organizational career. Applications will be emailed to each eligible member after the first executive board meeting of the semester and will be due at the first general body meeting. Associate members will be required to participate in two (2) service hours, two (2) health education hours, one (1) professional development hour, and one (1) social event. Associate members will be required to pay full dues for the semester but will not be required to attend all general body meetings. Executive members will not be eligible to apply for associate membership at any time during their elected service.

Secton 3d. Membership Probation
Members who fail to complete the required hours by the semester deadline will be placed on probation. Members under probation will be required to complete all of the missing hours from the previous semester before midterm. Failure to complete the previous semesters hours before midterm will result in termination of membership. Members may not be on probation for more than two (2) non-consecutive semesters. Failure to complete a third non-consecutive semester of hours or a second consecutive semester of hours will result in termination of membership. All extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the executive board on a case by case basis. If three or more formal meetings are missed unexcused, the member will be called to the executive board and membership will be reconsidered.

Section 4. Hazing
Hazing is considered as any action taken or situation created, either intentionally or unintentionally, on or off the college campus, to produce physical or mental discomfort, embarrassment or ridicule; or possibly cause physical harm or injury. Student Public Health Association does not participate in or condone any form of hazing.

Section 5. Dues
Dues are paid each semester, and will be assessed at the beginning of each semester and the amount will be voted upon by the organization as a whole. Failure to pay dues on or before the designated date will result in a five (5) dollar weekly charge until the amount is paid to SPHA. The late charges will be capped at forty-five (45) dollars per semester.

Section 6. Capstone Funding
Members who wish to receive funding for their HLTH 440 capstone must turn in an application by the determined date. A hard budget will be set at the beginning of the year and can not be exceeded. The treasurer will collaborate with the HLTH 440 professor to set all deadlines and budgets for capstone funding.

Article IV – Offices

Section 1. Offices Held
The elected officers of the organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Education Chair, Treasurer, Service Chair, Social Chair, Fundraising Chair, Historian/Public Relations Chair, Professional Development Chair, MOPIP liaison, and Webmaster.

Section 2. Executive Board
All elected positions will comprise the executive board. The executive board will supervise affairs of the organization between its business meetings, make recommendations to the organization, apply for organizational awards, and perform other duties as specified. The Vice President will be oversee executive board meetings and will not vote during these meetings.

Section 3. Elections
Elections shall take place every fall semester, two weeks after the opening of nominations. Active members seeking office must fill out an application for each office that they wish to hold. Seven days following elections current and newly elected officers are to attend a formal transition meeting in which current officers will pass on information regarding their term in office.

Section 3a. Emergency Elections
The position opening must be announced at least 1 week before the next general meeting. This will be done through an email to the entire organization. The vice president will assume the vacant position until a new individual is elected to fill the position. Interest in the position will be expressed through self-nomination when the individual emails their interest to the organization’s email. Self-nomination must be completed 24 hours before the election process. The election will commence at the following general meeting. Interested individuals must present a 1 minute speech regarding their interest in the position. The election will occur through paper ballot and the winner will be elected by majority. Quorum must be met in order for the vote to occur. The transition of the newly elected individual into office will occur at the executive board meeting following the election. Current executive board members may not run in an emergency election unless they hold a co-chair position on the board.

Section 3b. Grade Requirements for Potential Elections
Candidates for officer positions must have a grade point average of 2.75 or above to be considered for office as verified by the current executive board.

Section 3c. Ballots
Elections shall be by secret ballot. Candidates receiving the majority of votes by members present during the election meeting shall be elected to office.

Section 4. Length of Terms
Officers shall be elected to serve one full year beginning 7 days after election. Vacancies shall be filled by following the emergency election protocol listed above (Article IV, Section 3a).

Section 5.The Elected Offices
Elected officers must perform their responsibilities as stated in this constitution. If deemed insufficient in their duties the officer in question will be notified by their peer officers and given a grace period in which to fulfill their duties. If found insufficient in action after this time immediate removal from office will result.

Section 5a. President
The President is responsible for presiding over all formal meetings, excluding executive meetings. The President shall determine dates of the next meeting, oversee that officers of the organization discharge their duties faithfully, impartially, accurately, and promptly, make an annual report of his or her official acts and the general condition of the organization and make recommendations as he or she may deem proper. The office holder is responsible for overseeing the selection and involvement of committees, reading all executive board decisions deemed necessary at the following formal meeting and co-signing all checks disbursed by the treasurer. The president will remain neutral and not vote or discuss matters brought up at bi-weekly meetings. All presidential candidates must have held an executive board position before running unless circumstances do not allow this stipulation to be upheld. No returning executive member will be forced to assume the position of president or automatically be assigned the position at any time.

Section 5b. Vice President
The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President in the performance of his or her duties, and in the absence or disability of the President, shall assume the duties of the President. They shall be responsible for overseeing the executive board meetings. All vice presidential candidates must have held an executive board position before running unless circumstances do not allow this stipulation to be upheld.No returning executive member will be forced to assume the position of vice president or automatically be assigned the position at any time.

Section 5c. Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of each meeting and making them available to the entire organization, keeping records of the membership of the organization, defining attendance policy and recording attendance of each meeting, communicating with current members,taking minutes in the absence of the webmaster, keeping track of quorum during voting procedures, and taking down meeting minutes for executive board meetings. They will furthermore be responsible for keeping record of all hours completed by members.

Section 5d. Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing all monies on behalf of the organization, co-signing all checks, depositing all monies received in the name of the organization, keeping an accurate account of finances of organization, setting the semester’s budget, reporting the semester costs and incomes, paying bills duly acquired and approved by the president, and an end of term audit.

Section 5e. Service Chair
The Service Chair is responsible for coordinating all service activities, attending all service oriented meetings outside of formal meeting, attending or delegating a service committee member to oversee all service activities, and overseeing and communicating with the philanthropy.

Section 5f. Education Chair
The Education Chair is responsible for coordinating all health education events and programs.

Section 5g. Social Chair
The Activities Chair is responsible for coordinating all inter and intra-organizational activities and holding four (4) activities each semester.

Section 5h. Fundraising Chair
The Fundraising Chair is responsible for coordinating and implementing all fundraising events and holding two (2) fundraising events each semester.

Section 5i. Historian/PR Chair
The Historian/PR Chair is responsible for taking pictures at SPHA functions, maintaining the SPHA bulletin board, updating and maintaining all social media, marketing and gaining recognition for SPHA events, and compiling/submitting all information for the submission of organizational award applications.

Section 5j. Professional Development
The Professional Development Chair shall be responsible for planning and organizing two (2) events during the fall semester and the spring semester in addition to the other responsibilities.

Section 5k. Webmaster
The webmaster is in charge of updating and maintaining the SPHA website as well as keeping and distributing record of general meeting minutes through electronic means.

Section 5l. MOPIP Liaison
The MOPIP Liaison is responsible for attending all MOPIP meetings and reporting back to Student Public Health Association regarding the current proceedings in that partnership.

Article V – Meetings

Section 1. Regular Meetings
Bi-Monthly formal meetings are mandatory for all members. Members are required to wear official SPHA attire. Attire will be ordered at the beginning of each semester. Each member is allowed two excused and two unexcused absences from a formal meeting per semester. All excuses are due to the secretary by noon of the day of the formal meeting.Members who attend a meeting without the proper attire will be counted as absent (unexcused). All special cases will be reviewed by the executive board.

Section 2. Executive Meetings
Executive meetings will be held between the regular meetings. All members of the executive board are required to attend all executive meetings. All extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the rest of the executive board on a case by case basis.

Section 3. Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called by the President or the Executive Board and upon the written request of 5 members of the organization. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the notice, and three days notice shall be given except in cases of emergencies.

Section 4. Quorum
Three-fifths (⅗) of members shall constitute a quorum. To be counted as a member for quorum purposes, members must pay dues and not have more than two unexcused absences; furthermore, members with blanket excuses will not be calculated as part of membership for quorum purposes.

Article VI – Advisors

One or more advisors shall be selected by the Executive Committee. The advisor must be a Truman State University faculty or staff member. Responsibilities shall be those assigned by Truman State University policy.

Article VII – Parliamentary Procedure

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws and special rules of order the organization may adopt.

Article VIII – Amendments

This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the organization by majority vote of quorum, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting. Any member of the organization may bring up amendments to be voted on at general meetings.

Article IX – Risk Management

The President of Student Public Health Association is in charge of risk management. Members of the organization are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct and follow local, state, and federal laws. Any member found not abiding by these guidelines will risk losing membership in the organization, along with going through the University’s conduct system.Student Public Health Association fully understands and will abide by the anti-hazing policy as set forth in the Student Code of Conduct of Truman State University 8.050.2 Expectations for Student Organization Conduct Section 14: Abusive affiliation.

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