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Please click the following link to check Fall 2019 semester hours. If you need help finding opportunities to complete your hours, please look at the Google calendar on the main page.

Spring 2020

(Current Members are on page one, New Members are on page 2- see bottom right)

Please allow up to one week for submitted hours to be posted.

If you did not compete hours from the previous semester, submitted hours will be applied to the previous semester before being applied to the current semester. Please click the following link to view the previous semesters hours. Previous semester hours MUST be completed by October 12th, without exception. Failure to complete both semesters’ required hours will result in termination from the organization in accordance with our constitution.

Fall 2019 Hours

Spring 2019 Hours

Fall 2018 Hours

Spring 2018 Hours

 Fall 2017 Hours

Fall 2016 Hours

Spring 2016 Hours

Fall 2015 Hours

Spring 2015 Hours

Fall 2014 Hours

Spring 2014 Hours

Spring 2013 Hours

Fall 2012 Hours


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