9-28-11 Meeting Minutes

President’s Report –Khrysta Baig

  • Email coming out asking for your banner ID and name
  • Nomination forms
  • Our Constitution http://spha.truman.edu/about-us/constitution/
  • Taylor Hockman Professional Development Oct. 5th 6pm, PB 231
  • AAHE Case Study Interest
  • Piper Reception Service Sign-up
  • Wear your name tags

We meet our families and picked family names. We also switched phone numbers with all present members of our family.  http://spha.truman.edu/families/

Vice President’s Report-Morgan Richardson
Welcome new members!

  • As a reminder, all the new member requirements are due October 21st (2 hours of service, 2 hours of education, pass the quiz, complete 10 conversation sheets with SPHA actives and pay $5 dues)
  • Initiation will be October 26th!
  • If you have not passed your quiz, you can study the SPHA information sheet and take the quiz after meetings or any other time you can schedule with me
  • Conversation sheets in SPHA mailbox if you don’t have one.

Treasurer’s Report-Kristen Moosmann
Dues are due Oct. 26. $5 for new members, $20 for current members

Secretary’s Report-Dagmar
We need a MOPIP representative. Please e-mail me at dcv7454 if you’re interested. You can get some of your service hours done! Meetings are every other Wednesday on 4 PM

Service Report-Chelsea Light
Saturday 4:30-8:00pm, KPS Fun Night
Running booths for kids
Carpool, will be emailed if you signed up

Education Report-Megan

  • Stress free Friday this Friday (Make cookies and bag individually, add a tip to EACH bag)
  • Halloween themed Stress Free Friday in October
  • Head Start Lessons 9:30 or 10:00am, contact if you would like to help

Fundraising Report-Chris Kaslin
Working on T-shirts
50% profit online order holiday items
Food, candles, home items