Minutes from 2/10/2016

President: Ben Peters

  • Emergency elections were held for the positions of MOPIP Co-Chair and Webmaster. The results of the election are:
    • MOPIP Co-Chair:
      • Ashley Bond
    • Webmaster:
      • Autumn Shepherd
  • Voted to keep dues at $25 for the semester or $45 for the year
  • Meghan Jones discussed her research on sexual consent. She has invited each member of SPHA to think about participating in her study by taking her survey, which can be found here after reading the consent form.

Vice President: Gillian Mwangi

  • SPHA recruitment was a success! We welcomed 13 new members into our organization. We can’t wait to have them at our next meeting as they begin their new journey.

Secretary: Tori Thompson

  • Remember to submit your hours as you are completing them! Attendance is mandatory for Wednesday! If you know you cannot make it, complete the absence form today, so we can plan accordingly.


  • Discussed the SPHA budget and committee budget for the semester, as well as the 2015 financial report.

Education Chair:Brendan Cronley

  • Our Loving Safe Event went great last week! We won’t be having any more tables this week: however, next week we will. An email with a signup sheet will be sent out soon.
  • If you sign up for an event, please show up! We had a couple instances of absences during our event last week. Remember that everyone needs hours, and if you sign up and then don’t show up, you are taking an opportunity away from others to get their hours.

Professional Development Chair: Abby Meyer & Allison Politsch

  • On Tuesday, February 23, there will be a presentation entitled “Making a Successful Transition from College to Career” from 6:00- 7:00 PM in the SUB Activities Room, where you can learn how to successfully make the transition from college to career while developing your professional image.

Social Chair: Courtney Bueler

  • A survey was passed around at the beginning of the meeting about different social events we could possibly have this semester.

Fundraising Chair: Chaney Cooper

  • SPHA shirts are ready for order! They are $16 each. Money will be collected at general meeting on Wednesday Feb. 10th and 24th. Sign ups for shirts will close the 24th. Order one (or ten) because they’re really cute, represent SPHA well, and will help us fund activities this semester!



MOPIP Liaison: Sydney Gosik

  • No Report

Dr. Wodika:

  • HLTH 260 is doing several service learning projects this semester (Condom Awareness Week, Women’s Health Discussions, STI Awareness Month, Gender Identity Panel(s), Healthy Body Image Awareness) – and partnering with SPHA would be wonderful! Please contact Dr. Wodika for more information!
  • The Public Health Scholar Bowl is not far away – we need to begin discussions so we can reserve hotel rooms, etc! Dr. Clark and I also learned the Water Tower Inn is unavailable (close permanently as of now) – so other hotel arrangements will need to be made. We’ll need to research cost-friendly options!

Dr. Clark:

  • Volunteers will be needed for Gents & Joules Gala on Feb 19th & 20th–set up, helping at the Gala, and clean up.  Contact Erin Champ.
  • HLTH 440 student members of SPHA who are completing their Capstone projects potentially will be coming to SPHA to request funding.
  • Eager SPHA members are needed to volunteer to form a Case Study team (4-5 people) and a Trivia Team (4-5 people) to compete in the Public Health Scholar Bowl the weekend of April 9-11, 2016 at SLU.