Minutes from 9/28

SPHA Meeting Minutes 9/28/16


  • Welcoming of new members
  • General Body Email (contains a lot of useful information, read it!)
  • How to submit SPHA hours demonstration
  • New members sign up for SPHA attire
  • Everyone should wear attire to general body meetings
  • Upcoming meeting extras (to make meetings for fun/interesting)
  • Next meeting is October 19th!!!!

Vice Prez:

  • Submit hours!


  • 75.25 hours submitted already! 10% of hours goal for this semester


  • Dues are due at initiation. $25 per semester or $45 for the entire year.
  • New member attire prices
  • Committee heads receipts for any purchases

Education: No report


  • Service opportunities coming up


  • SPHA alumni coming to speak about life after Truman October 26th


  • Over 100 orders for the HES Quarter-zip!


  • Will fund any prevention activity or program you want to present!


  • New SPHA billboard
  • Also new SPHA truman snapchat!


  • Member of the month nominations
  • Check out the website
  • Submit fun SPHA related photos to be put on website

Dr. Wodika:

  • Thanks to SPHA for participating in the service celebration (October 19th 2:30-4:00) Put on by the service center. Lots of cool opportunities including making a poster for the event

Dr. Clark

  • October 3rd – Career Workshop 3:30-6PM led by Dr. Daley Moore. Very important for upperclassmen. Edit/critique resume and include info about shadowing, internships, etc

Concentration conversations:

  • Break off into groups according to concentration.
  • upperclassmen give advice
  • Other questions regarding registration

Break off into committees