Meeting Minutes 1/22/2020

● Set up slack
● Going to be setting up agendas by next general body meeting
● Submit hours online
● Wear attire (not wearing it will be counted as unexcused absence)
● Gen Body folder has been created
● Finalizing budget for capstones
Vice President:
● Recruitment is coming up
○ Gen members can attend classrooms and earn .25 for service or education if you
do one classroom visit
○ Can only do up to two
● Activity Fair is 2-6 on January 29th
○ Sign-up sheet is in SPHA general sign-up sheet folder

● Meeting Absence Excuse Forms will be due the day of meeting at 6:00pm
○ forms after will be considered unexcused
● Meeting Minutes will be in Gen Folder after every meeting
● Dues due at initiation
● Now a debit card check out forum
● Budget changes
● Senior discount, Pay $35 for your last year or $20 your last semester
● Valentine’s Day Cards for Nursing Home
● Classroom Meetings (Max: 1 hour-4 visits)
● Polar Plunge (Team or just volunteer)
● Still Working on Tentative Schedule
● Info Nights on Feb. 10 and 11, 6-7pm in PB 233 (one counts for education)
● Make info cards about cold/flu prevention!!
● Survey coming soon

Professional Development:
● PD Event next Tuesday, January 28th in MG 2001 6-7pm
○ How to search for a job/internship

Public Relations:
● Social media will be updated every month.
● Health board will be updated this week
● We will make some slips, posters, and posts on the SPHA info nights.
● New SPHA apparel!
○ Will be available the next general body meeting
○ Sign-ups will go until February 15th
● Abstracts due by Feb 10th (Goal: Feb 5th)
● Meeting of the Minds is April 2nd
● MOM traveling funding due date -TBA, most likely mid February
● Past research on MACHB
● Student research conference is April 16th
● First MOPIP meeting today
● Check website’s google calendar for meeting dates and times
New Business:
● Constitution Revisions
● Will be emailed out
● Revisions will be voted on next gen body meeting
● Best Buddies is having a karaoke night tomorrow night
Committee Time:
● Starting to have committee time for 20 minutes at the end of the meeting
● Made committee preferences